Hu & Liu, Say Yes I Do!


Mike and Patricia met at an Oktoberfest event in San Francisco. 5 years later, they got engaged at the real deal in Germany. As expected, the beer loving couple had an Oktoberfest inspired wedding. The design collaterals pay due respects to their Chinese heritage, and Mike's designerly aesthetics. The color red denotes celebration and honor in Chinese culture, while the logo is a union of two "joy" characters, otherwise know as a double-joy, used primary in Chinese weddings. It's worth to note that the wedding programs are printed in sets of four, with each set's color slightly shifted. When all 120 copies of the program are stacked, a fun gradient is revealed. Visit Oktoberbuds


  • Coding, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Craft, Indentity, Interactive Design, Interface Design, Motion Graphics, After Effects, Premiere, Print


  • Creative Director & Designer: Mike Hu
  • Web Developer: Mike Hu
  • Mug Lettering: Mike Hu
  • Motion: Mike Hu
  • Wedding Photographer: Sonya Yruel
  • Printer: Oscar Print Co.
  • Program Guide: Self Printed on Epson R1900